How to include Cards in your Scrapbook album…without taking up too much space…

As I’ve mentioned, I try very hard to keep my albums down to only 2 per year…

When it came to incorporating cards from events like birthdays, weddings etc I still wanted them included in the albums. But I didn’t want my albums bursting.

So instead of including all the cards individually, I decided to lay them all out and take a photos. I do a group photos of all the cards and some up close of individual ones. I then include the photos into my project life.

(Engagement cards)

(Engagement card photos in layout)

(Wedding cards)

(Bonus- with our engagement cards/wedding cards I took photos of our rings with the cards).

(Wedding cards in layout)

(30th birthday cards- I haven’t scrapbooked our 30th birthday yet. But this time I added some of the party decorations in the photo. We had a black and white theme. (I say we because my husband and I are the same age and our birthdays are 2 days apart)).

(I of course keep all the cards…mine are in a nice box stored away).

If I happen to receive a random single card from someone I just scrapbook it straight into my albums.

Hope this may have given you some new ideas.

Thanks for reading!


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